Monday, February 10, 2014

Just in Time for Valentine's Day!


Eight months ago Rob swore into Air Force Active Duty and shipped off to Basic Training.  We kept in touch through letters and the occasional supervised 15-minute phone calls.  We were reunited briefly for graduation, and then Rob transferred to Tech School.  We then enjoyed texts every morning, a phone call every night and seeing each other's faces every weekend through Skype.  Now he has graduated and is an official Air Force Medic!  He's home!  We've returned to the familiar luxury of talking for hours, holding hands, and just getting to live under the same roof!  We made it!  We did it!  We're back together again!
Picking Rob up at the Airport!
What a strange feeling!  Now that Rob is home, it feels like we were never apart.  Like we haven't been living in two different states, and never felt pain or loneliness.  As tough as the separation was at times, his homecoming swept those feelings away like they never happened!  However, I definitely cannot deny that the last 8 months has changed me.  I'm a newer, stronger, more capable and independent version of myself!  I feel like we've reached the end of a chapter.  I feel accomplished.  I feel like I can turn around and say, "Look at what we did!  We have come so far!"  It's an amazing feeling!  Life keeps moving though, and we're already headed into "what comes next."  The next three weeks are going to be packed full of activity and adventure!

Just a few exciting things I'm looking forward to in the VERY near future:
-12 days of RAP (Recruiter's Assistance Program)
-Valentine's Day!!!
-Getting together one last time with as many of our Provo, UT friends as possible!
-PCSing (Permanent Change of Station) to our first duty station!
-Blogging about all of the above!

Yes, "sappy" is my middle name, but I'm so grateful for the internet, social media and blogging!  As we're beginning our Air Force career and getting ready for our first big move, I feel so blessed to get to stay connected with our amazing friends and family along the way!  It's my way of bringing all of you along on our adventures!


  1. Yayy!!! Rob's home! Please let us know when you have a chance to stop by! We can't wait for more games!!!

    1. I'm glad we got to spend time with you before we left Provo! Thanks for your amazing friendship and support, Amber! Already looking forward to seeing you again!