Meet the Lemmes

The Lemme Family

Est. April 2012

On this page, you will find: a description of the Lemme family and what makes them wonderful, interesting and unique!  -AND-  Personal profiles on each family member!  Look forward to seeing this page grow every time our family grows!

We are the Lemmes!  Not to be confused with Lemons or Lemmings (don't roll your eyes, this actually happens more often than I thought it could.)  No, not the fruit, nor the ill-fated rodents.  It's easy to pronounce and you've probably already said it at least 5 times today!  "Lemme think about it and I'll get back to you."  "Lemme have it!"  "Why don't you lemme drive?"  It's easy to say and easy to spell, but when it's your last name, people get confused and try to say it with a French accent, make the second "E" silent or add imaginary letters and syllables.  I'm sure this may ring true for just about any last name, but it's still entertaining to see how many variations people can come up with.  (Still can't pronounce our last name?  That's okay.  Over the centuries I'm sure the spelling and pronunciation have changed, so we're probably saying it wrong too!)
Lemme Lemon Lemmings
Rob and I met in Provo, Utah where we were both attending Brigham Young University as undergrads.  We would run into each other and end up talking for hours!  After a couple months of hanging out with friends, rock climbing, hiking, a romantic haunted train ride and never running out of things to talk about, we decided to date exclusively (though we were practically exclusive already.)  After 3 more months of adventuring, "studying," and talking about memories, experiences, interests and dreams, Rob took me on a hike up a mountain in the middle of  a blizzard and asked me the question I had been waiting to hear.  I said, "Yes," and 3 months later we were married in the Seattle, Washington LDS Temple!  Now we get to live happily ever after throughout the rest of eternity!
Just Married! - Seattle, Washington LDS Temple
We LOVE being in the great outdoors!  We have enjoyed team sports, rock climbing, hiking, swimming, biking, running, and just enjoying God's beautiful creations!  We're always looking for new adventures!  We also love indoor social activities like card games, board games, and the Wii.  We love movies too, and get most of our enjoyment out of them while discussing the themes and characters and quoting our favorite lines.  We like reading books together before bed.  We can talk to each other for hours and hours, and even when we're apart, we text and Skype every moment we can find!  We've even been caught enjoying cooking, sewing, journal-ing, building, repairing, and crafting together!  We pretty much just love anything that we can do together!
Best Friends Forever! - Stadium of Fire 2012
We're both members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and Rob is an Active Duty Airman, so we're an Air Force family!  We love our God, our Savior, our Family and our Country!  We love to serve!  We attend church on Sundays and the Temple as often as we can, and we have family prayer and scripture study every day.  We don't drink alcohol, coffee or tea, and we don't smoke or use illicit drugs.  We avoid harmful practices and addiction, and fill our minds and home with uplifting movies, music and other media.  We believe in education as a life-long endeavor that doesn't end at graduation, so we're often reading, researching, and developing new skills.  We also like to take care of our bodies the best we can, so we love to exercise and try new healthy foods.  We know how to work hard and play hard, and we love making new friends!  We look forward to our future full of adventure and opportunity for growth and service!

Meet the Airman

Robert P Lemme

Rob was born in Florida into a Latter-Day Saint, Navy family and has lived in numerous places around the world.  He's the youngest of 5 and has an affinity for Batman.  Throughout his school years, he wrestled and played soccer and he continues to enjoy sports today.
Rob is an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  He is an Eagle Scout and has served a full-time, 2-year mission for the church in Sapporo, Japan where he learned to speak Japanese.  After returning home from his mission, Rob studied Mechanical Engineering at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah and joined the Air Force.
Oil Pastel - Whitney Lemme - 2008
Rob is working full-time as an Air Force Medical Technician and attending the University of Nebraska - Lincoln to finish his Mechanical Engineering degree.  His dream is to become an orthopedic surgeon.
In between work and studies, Rob enjoys building his tool collection and working with his hands.  He has a deep interest in how things work and learning how to make things from scratch.  He has become an expert at repairing things to maximize their life-span.  He also enjoys climbing, hiking, exploring, and taking family trips to see new places.  He is fun-loving and often caught singing made-up-on-the-spot songs about our family.

Meet the WingWife

Whitney N Lemme

Whitney was born in Oregon into a Latter-day Saint family.  She is the oldest of two, and her small, tightly-knit family of four is known as the "SWAT team."  (SWAT = Susan, Whitney, Audie, Tyler)  Most of her favorite childhood memories take place out in the pastures of her country home, where her family lived until they moved into town just before she started Middle School.  Her favorite "pet" was the Black Angus cows her family raised for harvest.
Whitney - Age 6
Whitney loves the water and spent most of her childhood summers out on the lake in the family boat.  She loved to knee board, dive off the back deck of the boat, and swim underwater like her spirit animal, the Orca.  She still clings tight to her childhood dream of someday touching a live Orca.  She also took 3 years of Japanese in High School and developed a fascination with Japanese food and culture (though she doesn't care for anime or manga) and is also fascinated with other cultures around the world.  She loves Country music and Country swing dancing.
Oil Pastel - Whitney Lemme - 2008
Whitney Graduated from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah with a Bachelor's of Science in Exercise and Wellness.  She worked as a personal wellness coach for less than a year before she became a stay-at-home mom, which is by far her favorite job!  She loves to create and indulges in projects like writing, drawing, painting, sewing, photography & photo editing, scrap-booking, re-purposing and cooking.

Meet the Little Lemmes

Oliver Grant

Oliver was born in Nebraska on the day after Christmas.  His name was inspired in part by the super-hero Green Arrow (Oliver Queen) and Heber J. Grant the 7th president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Both figures are known for their determination, ability to turn their own weaknesses into great strengths and motivation to go forth to bless others.
Oliver - 1 month
Oliver is a very happy little boy who loves to talk, stand upright, blow bubbles, play pat-a-cake, and watch his puppy play.  He smiles and laughs everyday, melting his parent's hearts!  The #1 compliment he receives is on his thick, long, dark, brown hair. Oliver is the 1st grand-child on his mother's side, and the 12th on his dad's side of the family.

Walk the Dog


Kimber was adopted in Utah and named after an American pistol manufacturing company.  She is a Texas Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog + Mini Australian Sheppard) with beautiful tri-color markings.
Kimber loves to cuddle and play games like fetch and tug of war.  She will rarely admit that she is tired when she's playing her favorite games!  She has been known to play fetch until her paws bleed!  She also loves the water, is an excellent swimmer, and collects cow bones and tennis balls.
Kimber is very smart and obedient!  She has learned many commands and tricks and loves to play with other dogs and children, though she takes a while to warm up to strangers.  She will also do absolutely anything for a tennis ball!  She once jumped without hesitation to rescue a tennis ball that had fallen off of a 10-foot cliff!

Family Photos


Provo, Utah


Provo, Utah


Sarpy County, Nebraska


Papillion, Nebraska


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    1. I'm sorry it didn't work! Let me know if there are any frustrating elements on the blog! I'll fix them as soon as I can! And I love the new nickname, haha!! <3 Thanks for all your help, Amber! Couldn't have done it without you!

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